HLDS-Shield 1.0.6 [D]

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HLDS-Shield 1.0.6 [D]

Date: 29/05/2016

- Today CSTRIKE_CRASH will display text in log blocked

- Local server commands have been blocked (cd/shutdownserver/motd_write)

- HLDS say the command was written for CSTRIKE_CRASH

- Function "shield_motdfile" was improved

Date: 19/05/2016

- Supports all commands to check (shield_cmdbug)

- Fixed error line 556 HLDS-Shield.sma

- Free license to HLDS-shield deleting files stolen slowhack offshore players

Date: 24/04/2016

- The bugged message from amx_ban was fixed

- A small bug was fixed on CSTRIKE_AUTOBUY

- From today hlds-shiled protect the server's which doesen't support utf8 from default .res file

- Cvar option 2 from shield_amxxpause was eliminated

- Amx_minne command was updated, now you can succesfully execute the command for any folders (ex: amx_minne andrei ro = cstrike_romanian) (you can chose from ro/ru/lv/steam)

- It is developing a system for detecting backdoor file (shield_checkbackdoor) (check files currently *.res and hlsave)

- All updates have been made to take place in a safe manner

Date: 06/02/2016

- Exploit "XFakePlayers v1.14 beta" was fixed (http://i.imgur.com/Wv3ImOH.jpg)

- Port has been removed from CSTRIKE_STEAMID

- File "HLDS-AdminProtect.ini" has been removed

- Protection CSTRIKE_ADMINBUG against the amxxauth will be stored in amxx (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wezx2YMxiRU)

- A small bug has been resolved in show_menu (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR_axpgNf3s)

- Improved HLDS-Shield.amxx "31.9KB"

- Players without password will not be displayed with password (shield_autolog)

- Command "amx_hlshowpw" has been removed

- Command "amx_hlshowip" show ip/name/passwords players (only FTP/GAMECP/HLSW) and game show ip/name

- Improved HLDS-Shield.sma "53.6KB"

- Improved HLDS-Shield.hlds "14.3KB"

- The old build [C] was replaced by [D]

- Cvar "shield_namebug 4" will receive a random name

- Cvar "shield_namebug 2" moved detection on client_connecting(id)

HLDS-Shield 1.0.6 [C]

Date: 23/12/2015

- Command and message (hlds_info) has been eliminated

- It was solved a little bug

- CSTRIKE_FULLUPDATE message was deleted and moved detection on client_connecting(id)

- A little bug on "shield_name_spammer" has been fixed

- Function "shield_optimization" was eliminated

Date: 21/12/2015

- Was added cvar "shield_sendmsg" 1 - SVC_DIRECTOR(51) , 0 - SVC_STUFFTEXT(9)

Date: 20/12/2015

- CSTRIKE_SUSPICIOUS bug has been fixed

- A little bug on "shield_namebug 4" has been fixed

- Command and message (/zanyx) has been eliminated

- A filter for block name spam has been added (shield_name_spammer) (HLDS-Shield.cfg)

- Files update was changed in 10 seconds after server recive reload/restart

- Nonexistent file "SV_CLIENTCONNECT" will help in plugin repair

- Systems for detection of fakeplayers updated (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYRd5BJ_1jI)

- File "HLDS-Motd.ini" has been removed

- Today CSTRIKE_FAKEPLAYERS only detects fake players

- Improved code library HLDS-Shield.hlds "17KB"

- They were removed kick/ban on shield_fakeplayer

- Players fakeplayers can not connect

- Fakeplayer made aluigi was resolved

- Was added cvar "shield_suspicious" (view HLDS-Shield.cfg)

- Was added CSTRIKE_SUSPICIOUS dealing with abuses client on the server

- Sends a command to the server invalid character was blocked

- Add a function in which admins are protected by 'false auth client'

- Fakeplayer made ratwayer was resolved

- Improved source code HLDS-Shield.sma "61.2KB"

- VALVE_BOT ( were removed from filter anti-fakeplayers

- Updates can be activated/deactivated with shield update (shield_update) (HLDS-Shield.cfg default 1)

- Who will receive the update files will see log (HLDS Shield.ini)

- He was replaced system update (HTTP)

- Improved HLDS-Shield.amxx "36.3KB"

- Has added a new feature in the admin receive a random password in client_putinserver(shield_admim_removepassword) (HLDS-Shield.cfg default 0)

- Solved bugs admins (amxmodx) (shield_admin_debug) (HLDS-Shield.cfg default 1)

- Exploit "Dproto_fuck & jo method 2 (by kohtep2010)" was fixed

- Bug resolved with steam players

- Exploit "HLDS Fake Player 1.0 by I-T-N-I" was fixed

- Exploit "CSDEATH fakeplayers" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "FVU List" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "FVU xD" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "Jo's v2" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "Jo's win32" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "HLDS Fuck" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "PU HL" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "HL-BOOM" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "The Unknown" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "ShutDown" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "Bad Parse" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "HL BOF" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "HL Headnut" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "SV_ParseCvarValue2 & SV_ParseCvarValue" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "CsDos & Born to be pig" was fixed (1.8)

- Exploit "UTF8-SPAM" was fixed

HLDS-Shield 1.0.6 [B]

Shield_guardblock,shield_dlfile function and shield_infohlds were eliminated

- Exploit "XFakePlayers 1.12 v3 fix" was fixed

- Exploit "XFakePlayers 1.13" was fixed

- Exploit "XFakePlayers 1.13 v1" was fixed

- To add a function that freezes xfakeplayers (shield_xfakecrash) (v1.02 - v1.12 v3)

- Fake Player "ConsistenciesListExtractor" was fixed

- Old build [M] was changed in new build [A] (HLDS-Shield 1.0.6)

- The error dproto 0.9.5XX + HLDS-Shield (Host_Error) is solved 100%

- FakePlayer old system was replaced with a new more powerful

- Those who had not generated code because the old engine (VALVE_ID_LAN) will be allowed on the server

- To add a check engine BOT and will not be detected by fakeplayer

- After deleting unnecessary functions have been deleted HLDS-Shield and CVARS of HLDS-Shield.cfg

- The command "amx_showrcon" it was added to filter bugs server

- Improved source code (HLDS-Shield.sma) - 63 KB (possible to reach 50 kb)

- He was added to an array shield_checkerprotection + optimization

- Text mistakes were repaired (minne/quit/shake)

- Dlfile filter system was added fakeplayer

- A small bug was resolved in namebug

- Was corrected by downloading files on client amx_minne

- File "sv_skyname.wad" has been removed and was replaced with gfx/ShieldFinal.wad

- Orders will not be sent from source but from ShieldFinal.wad (SVC_DIRECTOR)

- Old players with steamidhack detection system was replaced with safer

- It has added a new function which is blocked amx_showrcon (shield_sr_block 1)

- Version 6 of today will be version 7 (ANTIGUARD/amx_minne)

- The old version of "HLDS-Shield.hlds" library will not work on version HLDS-Shield 1.0.6

- Two booksellers were removed

- Spambot message server console has been removed

- Commands "amx_quit","amx_showip" and "amx_showpw" were changed in "amx_hlquit" "amx_hlshowip" and "amx_hlshowpw"

- Fixed bug with detecting the Steam client

Resolved a bug on engine 4554 (client)

HLDS-Shield 1.0.6 came out of beta

Oldest filtered exploits (SpawnMalfunction 2.0)

Crash function has been updated to work on any program written by zeal (shield_xfakecrash)

Fakeplayer never get up in gameplay (client_connect/client_putinserver)

Has added a new file to precache called ShieldClientSide.wad

Exploit "XFakePlayers v1.13 v2" was fixed

The old version 1.0.5 [M] was replaced by 1.0.6 [A]

ShieldBeta.wad file was renamed in ShieldFinal.wad

Wad added cvar "shield_sl_minne" where is set to execute that file player (1-ShieldFinal.wad 2-ShieldClientSide.wad)

Was fixed the bug with random steamid

Was added cvar "shield_minnewb" "your website"

Improved code library HLDS-Shield.hlds "15KB"

ShieldFinal.wad and ShieldClientSide.wad files were removed

It was added to a file "HLDS_Shield.wad" "46KB" more powerfull

Minor bugs were resolved

It was added a cvar "shield_update"

Files that will be updated will appear in the log

The old build [B] was replaced by [C]

HLDS-Shield 1.0.5 log

- - Amx_unshake bug was solved too.

- - The bug with amx_minne was solved and now work perfectly.

- - One changelog was added with all update in "addons/amxmodx/configs/[H][L][D][S]-Shield/HLDS-UpdateLog.txt"

- - Resolved to mistake the two execution plugin_init

- - Resolved to sv_skyname.tga download for amx_minne

- - File sv_skyname.tga name was changed to sv_skyname.wad

- - The problem with sv_skyname.wad execution in amx_minne was solved

- - Updated command in sv_skyname.wad (new work nvidia e6)

- - Remove in amx_unshake

- - Has added a new function + cvar called CSTRIKE_HLTV which blocks the connection to the server (please view HLDS-Shield.cfg) (shield_hltv)

- - Fix bug message bug (kick+colorchat)

- - File "addons/amxmodx/configs/[H][L][D][S]-Shield/HLDS-Shield.cfg" be downloaded update from www.zanyxproject.pw/free/HLDS-Shield.cfg

- - The bug with steamid hack was solved

- - To add a function that runs faster than plugins-shield.ini plugins for HLDS-Shield.amxx all functions not read well because it was not first in plugins.ini

- - Has added a new cvar called "shield_updatecfg" which put the original settings at HLDS-Shield.cfg

- - Problem solved with 0 kb files

- - This modules for shield_fakeplayer was re-added ([url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd6JdLb26MY[/url]) (thanks to cyby for smaller engine idea)

- - The exploit's created by zeal on oldsteamid was solved

- - The errors from fast functions was solved from plugins-shield.ini

- - The bug with cstrike_unknown which act on innocent player's was solved.

- - The message cstrike_unknown was changed in cstrike_fakeplayers

- - The bug with system anti-fakeplayer was solved

- - The exploit was filtered command was blocked sender

- - Filtered and blocked SteamID Hack (CT-Shield)

- - FAKE PLAYER system was optimized !

- - amx_showip and amx_showpw was fixed !

- - The error is solved "Host_Error: Usermsg: Not Present on Client 58"

- - Filtered Players using the command "new" over 20 times

- - Improved source code (HLDS-Shield.sma)

- - Sound sent by svc_stufftext changed in svc_director

- - HLDS-Downloader don't use from now

- - Orpheu module was added back

- - Old build [L] was changed in new build [M]

- - Anti fake player sistem was improved

- - Exploit "Unicrashcode" was fixed

- - Exploit "CWBrute" was fixed

- - Exploit "Dproto_fuck & jo method 2 (by kohtep2010)" was fixed

- - Exploit "HLDS Fake Player 1.0 by I-T-N-I" was fixed

- - Exploit "Jo's v2" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "Jo's win32" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "HLDS Fuck" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "PU HL" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "The Unknown" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "ShutDown" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "Bad Parse" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "HL BOF" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "HL Headnut" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "SV_ParseCvarValue2 & SV_ParseCvarValue" was fixed (1.7)

- - Exploit "CsDos & Born to be pig" was fixed (1.7)

- - The bug with CSTRIKE_CRASH (#career_) was solved

- - When map changed, server pick a random rcon

- - New function was added for repair the plugin name

- - Spawn malfunction exploit was resolved, first failed spawn bans player.

- - Ostrog exploit was fixed.

- - Some errors from plugin was fixed

- - Updated command amx_minne (new work nvidia e7)

- - A small bug in fake player system was solved

- - Cvar shield_ilegalban bug was solved for dezactivates

- - Received update to version 1.0.6